geeohsnap | About me
Geeohsnap is one of the biggest names when you mention creative content in Snapchat and Instagram. His name, stories and Snapchat artwork went viral back in 2015 and today he collaborates with many of the biggest brands in the world producing top content. He is also a great social speaker and travel the world speaking at different social media conferences.
Geeohsnap, Content Creator, Snapchat Influencer, Instagram Influencer, Stories, Influencer, Creative, Doodler, Graphic illustrator, Storyteller and Social Speaker.
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About me

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been curious and drawn to the creative arts. It was in my later years that I discovered that through hard work and different techniques I could accomplish great things through being creative. The fall of 2014 was a breakthrough for me. I had just downloaded the app Snapchat and was waiting for a delayed plane on an airport. I saw a person sitting beside me reading his newspaper and he was really tired of waiting. With Snapchat I took a sneak picture of him and started to draw. The person reading his newspaper was suddenly on a rocket on his way to the moon. I took a boring image of a unsuspecting person and made it interesting again. I gave it new life! This was storytelling in a different way that we are used to. I had found something special that made people feel good and smile.

My Random People project went viral with a huge interest from social media and newspapers all over the world. I knew that you only need one good idea to accomplish great things. So from that moment my focus have been all on about making people smile through my Snapchat artworks and giving clients the very best creative ideas and solutions. Today I work as a fulltime Content Creator in Snapchat and Instagram with collaborations and projects with some of the largest brands in the world. As a Creator I have been to different music festivals, creating awesome stories in other countries, branded stories, stories about upcoming movies, tv appearances, radio appearances and a lot of creative collaborations. It is important to me that the content I share with my followers is creative, fun and interesting.

And with over 1M views of my daily stories in Snapchat and over 46000 followers on Instagram the feedback is really good. Im used to working infront of projects as well as making amazing content on the spot. In addition to being a Snapchat influencer I also work as a self-employed Graphic illustrator artist and a public speaker. Through my illustrations I get to work with a lot of different expressions and creative concepts. All my works are original ideas done completely by me. Through creative idea processes and different techniques I work hard to give you a product that has the right communication for your brand. As a public speaker I share the secrets and the main key on getting success on your Snapchat account. If you are in the need of something creative, then feel free to contact me at any time. And we will make something amazing together!

A creative partner