geeohsnap | Logo & Identity
Geeohsnap is one of the biggest names when you mention creative content in Snapchat and Instagram. His name, stories and Snapchat artwork went viral back in 2015 and today he collaborates with many of the biggest brands in the world producing top content. He is also a great social speaker and travel the world speaking at different social media conferences.
Geeohsnap, Content Creator, Snapchat Influencer, Instagram Influencer, Stories, Influencer, Creative, Doodler, Graphic illustrator, Storyteller and Social Speaker.
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Logo & Identity

Visual communication

Logo & Identity

My showcase of logo designs. The logos on the cards are for clients. The logos on the sheet are just some examples on what more i can create.


White Mountain Hostel, Mino.Jur, Hope For A Better World, Oscar Enander


16. desember 2014



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