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Content Creator & Storyteller

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"How can your content stand out from 1000 brands if you are telling the exact same story as everyone else?"

- Geeohsnap -

My Story.

Geeohsnap is a Content Creator and Storyteller from Norway who got world fame through a project he created in Snapchat.

In 2014 Geeohsnap created The Random People Project. A project where he make digital doodles on random people in the streets. A month after he created this project it went viral all over the world. This have led to work with many of the biggest brands in the world. Big brands such as Samsung, Walt Disney, Gucci, Starbucks, Red Bull, Nike, Hyundai and many more.

Geeohsnap was one of the first creators in the world to get his own shows in Snapchat. His weekly episodes have been viewed by over 18 million people from all over the world and over 700K of them are dedicated subscribers of his shows. Geeohsnap is a a multi-creative person that does a lot of storytelling and illustrations for brands with his well known creative style.

As a speaker Geeohsnap is full of energy and have inspired many people in the industry to produce more effective, creative and much better content for their own channels.

Big following.

Reach out to a really engaged audience! I have over 930K subscribers of my social media channels. Now thats a lot of happy people that really loves what I do! Want to sponsor or feature your brand in my show or channels?


I also draw stuff that people really love to see! I can be adaptive with different styles and I always work really hard to stay original and on top of the game. Just imagine your campaign or brand combined with my illustrations!

Social Speaking & workshops.

My newest talk «High Speed Content With Geeohsnap» will give you the right keys to get the attention your content and brand needs. I also hold a lot of creative and fun workshops. Learning by having fun is always a big winner.

Creative ideas.

From blank pages to full concepts. Big projects to smaller projects. I always work really hard to be original and innovative. I have a lot of experience working with all kinds of projects. Lets get working on your next viral campaign!

The Gallery

Press the images below to see some of my works.

"We're all producers of the content we fill in our lives. Make smiling content"

- Geeohsnap -


I have a big passion for the work I do and I would love to hear from you how I can be a part of your next project!

I‘m based in Norway and I have happy clients all over the world. No project is to big or small for me. You can expect a reply from me within 24 hours. Looking forward to our creative talk!




ADDRESS: Kristiansand, Norway