geeohsnap | Snapchat Strategist and Influencer who creates amazing stories and content!
Geeohsnap is one of the biggest names when you mention creative content in Snapchat and Instagram. His name, stories and Snapchat artwork went viral back in 2015 and today he collaborates with many of the biggest brands in the world producing top content. He is also a great social speaker and travel the world speaking at different social media conferences.
Geeohsnap, Content Creator, Snapchat Influencer, Instagram Influencer, Stories, Influencer, Creative, Doodler, Graphic illustrator, Storyteller and Social Speaker.
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if you need creative content and views!

Who I am?

A true creative partner

A creative Snapchat Influencer with over 1M views per day in Snapchat and an Instagram account with around 40000 followers. As one of the biggest Snapchat influencers in Europe my Stories have lead to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Such as Walt Disney, Starbucks, Lionsgate, Sphero and Air France. I am also a Graphic Illustrator artist with a true passion for what I do. I put all my time and effort in my work to give you the very best creative ideas and content.

What I do?

Creative solutions

I focus on creating fun, creative and interesting content that suits everyone or targets a specific audience. With a professional approach and a true passion for the creative, I work really hard to give you the very best product. As a Social Speaker I share my story on how I became one of the biggest creative Snapchat Influencer/Content creators and share my keys of success building your brand in Snapchat.  I also help brands with creative ideas, strategy in Snapchat & Instagram and creating engaging concepts.


That`s over 1.000.000 views per day of his stories!


and make you some amazing content!
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